Colourful China Company Limited

Colourful is a high-end rights and interests service customization platform. Founded in 2013, it is the leader of upstream and downstream resource integration in the domestic high-end hotel sector. It has become a long-term partner of major financial institutions, airlines and other large enterprises.


  • High-end rights and interests service customization platform

  • VISA/Master/ American express/Union Pay officially designated five-star hotel equity service provider

  • Over 600 high-end hotels in nearly 120 cities can enjoy the "dining courtesy" of Colourful.

  • In 2017, the cumulative sales of Colourful's rights and interests service reached 199 million yuan, with a rate of top level in the industry

Equity Product Customization Process

Colourful's Selection

Nowadays, our life is getting more and more busy, due to the lack of happiness, people began to taste life and enjoy life. In response to these demands, Colourful combine other merchants to create cost-effective hotel products, to make it easier for us to discover and order those hotels with good reputation and price.

  • A comprehensive collection of more than 200 star-rated hotel restaurants, consumers can not only enjoy the delicious food, but also have a unique moment of their own.

  • Strictly selecting more than 300 high-end hotels covering nearly 80 cities, bringing a wonderful vacation time to consumers through one-stop service.

  • Carefully recommending delicate refreshments in luxury hotels, and creating a relaxing afternoon for the consumers