Massnet Microcredit Company (Chongqing)Ltd.

Massnet Microcredit Company (Chongqing)Ltd. was registered and established on August 8, 2016, and was approved for opening in September. With a scarce online micro-loan license and big data risk control capability, the company is committed to becoming an active leader in the consumer finance industry. The company develops all kinds of cash loan products and consumption installment products, and provides one-stop financial infrastructure services for all kinds of enterprises to carry out consumer financial services. It also providing legal fin-tech solutions and traffic monetization services for large flow mechanism, including financial compliance, funding, risk control, technical services, etc.


  • Holding a scarce online micro-loan license

  • Key supporting enterprise by Chongqing Financial Office

  • One-stop financial infrastructure services

  • Traffic monetization services

Business Introduction

  • Dtesign and implement product structure, pricing and process to target
  • Design and deploy full life cycle operations and filter policies for
  • Big data risk control engine, manage and prevent all kinds of risks from end to end, and optimize the benefits
  • Output data services according to business requirements and characteristics to ensure the structure of business data